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PostalMate® is the leading automation choice for retail shipping locations throughout the United States.
PostalMate's® unique, comprehensive rate comparison technology allows users to see all delivery commitment information for UPS, FedEx, USPS and DHL*. Information is updated in real time from the carrier shipping servers. This connectivity guarantees the most accurate, up to the minute information available.

PostalMate's® full featured Point-of-Sale offers the user mailbox management, accounts receivable, employee time management, and inventory management (including detailed ordering and receiving tools).
Together, with the features of PostalMate®, and the many offerings brought by our technology partners (optional), our users have a technology hub from which to run their retail shipping location.



Read on and find out why thousands of shippers have chosen to Automate with PostalMate®.

*Shippers in some regions have access to additional "Regional" carriers.


Technology Leader

PC Synergy leads the way in technology for the Retail Shipping Industry.


PC Synergy works closely with Microsoft® to guarantee that PostalMate® is always compatible with the most current version of Windows®, and that our development staff is working on the next changes the operating system will bring.



At PC Synergy we focus on core competencies. Our staff has an expertise at bringing you the very best in Shipping, Rate Comparison, Point-of-Sale, and Mailbox Management.

At PC Synergy, we are relationship builders. We have teamed up with some of the best technology providers in the industry. These relationships have brought enhancements to PostalMate
® with seamless integration.