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Product Information:


PostalMate® is a powerful shipping application used by thousands of mail and parcel centers throughout the United States.PostalMate's® comprehensive rate comparison screen allows the shipper to see the date and time of delivery for packages carried via DHL, FedEx, and UPS. This information is updated in real-time to give you the most accurate information available. PostalMate® also displays rates and services for USPS and prints postage directly on thermal labels thanks to our Certified Partner relationship with Endicia. Also available in PostalMate® is a powerful package-estimating feature called "Pro Pack". Pro Pack will determine packing and shipping charges for an item based on it's weight, dimensions and the Zip code thus allowing the customer to pay for a shipment before it is packed and shipped eliminating customer waiting and long counter lines. PostalMate® utilizes the powerful shipment visibility tools available through our relationship with enVista to report to you when packages are lost or late. Marketing tools such as email notification keep customers and recipients informed as the whereabouts of a package will allowing you to deliver powerful marketing messages. Our SelfServe system allows a mail center to set up an automated system in the lobby area of the store to allow the customer to complete most of the shipment on their own allowing the store employee to verify information or upsell from behind the counter.

Full Featured Point-of-Sale

Replace your old cash register with a state of the art POS system that offers accounts receivable, mailbox management, inventory management and product receiving. View your profits in one of the many reports provided in PostalMate's® register. With an easy to use product entry method you can charge your retail price or provide discounts on the fly. Each shipment from PostalMate® is brought directly to the register to provide your customer with tracking numbers, delivery commitments, disclaimers or other information you wish to place on the receipt. In our Mailbox Manager you can organize your mailboxes and get rid of index cards and non-integrated systems. Mailbox Manager prints required USPS documents, renewal notices and handles payments and mail forwarding. Like our cash register and PostalMate® it is customizable, easy to set up and easy to use.


PostalMate® allows you to edit your screen display to show those carriers and services that you use in your store. The rates that show on the screen are your retail rates. In PostalMate® you are given very powerful rate setting options to create the retail rates that will maximize your profit. Reports are available to show volume and profits for the various carrier services you offer in your store. You can print postage directly from PostalMate® for parcels and letters through our relationship with Endicia® Internet Postage. Tools like email notification make marketing a snap.